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Pre-Transplant Education

The Dallas Transplant Institute Pre-Transplant Department coordinates the medical evaluation of potential transplant candidates for Baylor University Medical Center and Methodist Dallas Medical Center and follows these patients while they are on the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) waiting list. During a kidney transplant evaluation, a transplant coordinator will arrange a series of tests to assess your treatment options. You will be evaluated for potential medical problems such as heart disease, infections, bladder dysfunction, ulcer disease, obesity, and other medical problems that would potentially complicate transplantation. A social worker will also discuss transportation, housing, financial and family support needs in regards to a transplant.

When the transplant evaluation is complete, the transplant team consisting of transplant surgeons, nephrologists, financial counselors and transplant coordinators will meet in committee. Your individual composite history will be considered and discussed in this setting and a decision will be made whether to place you on the transplant waiting list. If you are a transplant candidate, you will be placed on the waiting list of UNOS.

We want you to learn as much as possible about the transplant process before making a decision about kidney transplantation. You must work closely with the transplant team to maximize the benefit and reduce the overall risk of the procedure. You must be highly motivated and adhere to a strictly regimented medical program before and after surgery. It is important to remember that your commitment does not end after the transplant as postoperative care and immunosuppressive medications are lifelong requirements. If you fail to adhere to this regimen, you risk losing the transplanted organ and returning to dialysis. We are dedicated to ensuring that the transplant process will be a rewarding one for you.

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