Patient Education Program

Did you know? DNA offers both group classes and individual workshops for our patients. Whichever is right for you.


CKD Education – Group Classes

This one-hour group class gives you general information about kidneys, kidney disease and treatment options. Classes are given at specific office practice locations.


CKD Education – Individual Workshops
My Kidneys. My Options. My Life.
Learning to Live Well With Chronic Kidney Disease

Attend one or more of our six specific workshops for DNA patients with CKD stage 4 given by a physician educator to find out more about your kidneys, chronic kidney disease (CKD), your treatment options and how to live well with CKD. All DNA patients who attend a workshop will receive take home educational materials.

Talk with your physician about which educational sessions are right for you.

Preview of the Individual Workshops

My Kidneys. My Options. My Life.
Learning to Live Well With Chronic Kidney Disease

Workshop 1: Learning About My Kidneys and Kidney Disease


Patients will learn:

  • How the kidneys work
  • What chronic kidney disease (CKD) is and how it is diagnosed
  • What causes CKD
  • About the different stages of CKD and ways to manage complications

Workshop 2: Learning What I Can Do About Kidney Disease


Patients will learn:

  • How CKD can affect different parts of the body
  • Six main health problems associated with CKD
  • How to manage or reduce the risk of getting complications with specific recommendations
  • The importance of a patient being involved in healthcare decisions

Workshop 3: Learning About My Options - Transplantation


Patients will learn:

  • All about the transplantation treatment option, its advantages and disadvantages
  • How to decide whether transplantation is the right choice
  • The aspects of everyday life to help patients live well with transplantation

Workshop 4: Learning About My Options - Dialysis


Patients will learn:

  • What dialysis is, what it does and does not do
  • What actually happens during the dialysis process
  • The different types of dialysis, where and how they can be performed
  • How to choose which type of dialysis treatment is best

Workshop 5: Learning About My Options - Informed Decisions and Conservative Treatment


Patients will learn:

  • About the right to choose their own treatment options
  • Answers to common questions about choosing conservative treatment for CKD
  • If trial dialysis is an option for the patient
  • What an Advance Directive is, why it is important and the different types of Advance Directives

Workshop 6: Living My Life - Learning to Live Well with CKD


Patients will learn:

  • The importance of good emotional health and how to live well with an action plan
  • About the emotions people with CKD experience and coping skills
  • Answers to the most common questions patients have about CKD


Included with each workshop are take home patient education materials.