Did you know? Being overweight at any age increases your risk of developing diabetes.

Diabetes is a leading cause of CKD. Waste products produced in the blood are filtered out through the kidneys, leaving the body as urine. Useful substances such as proteins and red blood cells stay in the body, as they are too large to pass through the millions of tiny capillaries in the kidney’s filtering system.

With high levels of blood sugar, as in diabetes, the small blood vessels in the kidneys become damaged and can no longer clean the blood properly. Over a period of time:

  • The kidneys start to leak and useful proteins are emptied in the urine.
  • The body retains more water and salt than it should resulting in weight gain and ankle swelling.
  • Nerve damage can cause difficulty emptying the bladder developing bacteria in the urine.

Keeping tight control of your blood glucose and blood pressure are critical. Follow your provider’s recommendations on medications and diet. Have regular checkups to monitor your diabetes.   Kidney disease cannot be reversed, but it can be controlled.