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One goal of Dallas Nephrology Associates (DNA) is to provide you with information and resources as you learn about kidney disease whether it affects you, a family member or a friend.

Following are videos by DNA physicians regarding topics which are generally of interest to our patients.

Educational Videos

Pre Kidney Transplant
Dr. Bernard Fischbach
Today I am going to be discussing Kidney Transplants and the overall Transplant process…
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Exactly What Do My Kidneys Do?
Dr. Joris Schuller
The kidneys are basically blood filters. They remove waste products from your body. If you think of your body as a machine, your body takes fluid as fuel and processes that food and generates waste products. It dumps those waste products in the blood and the blood flows through your kidneys, and then the kidneys…
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What does it mean to “Know Your Kidney Numbers”?
Dr. Paul Skluzacek
The ideal way to find out if you have kidney disease is actually to be screened. We know that around 26 million people in the United States have chronic kidney disease. It is estimated that 23 million people do not know that they have kidney disease. The main reason that they don’t know is because…
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What Should I Expect on My First Visit to a Nephrologist?
Dr. Alexander Liang
What I’d like to talk to you about today is basically what to expect when you come to see a nephrologist. A lot of times people really don’t know what a nephrologist is. In fact, a lot of people get a nephrologist confused with urologists who are actually kidney surgeons. Nephrologists are actually internal medicine doctors who specialize in the function of the kidneys. Really during these first visits…
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Complications of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
Dr. Lauren McDonald
Good afternoon, I’m Dr. Lauren McDonald. I’m a Kidney Doctor or a Nephrologist as we are called. I’d like to speak to you today about the Complications of Chronic Kidney Disease. Now you’ll also hear the term…
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Dr. Asha Chemmalakuzhy
I’m Dr. Chemmalakuzhy. I’m a kidney specialist with Dallas Nephrology Associates. I’m talking about hypertension today. Hypertension is defined as persistently elevated blood pressure greater than 130/80. High blood pressure exposes blood vessels in our body to high forces and this in turn can lead to…
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Post Kidney Transplant
Dr. Arun Chandrakantan
Talks to you today about what to expect after a kidney transplant…
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“Kidney Awareness Month”
Dr. Gupta
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“Kidneys 101…Their Importance and Function”
Dr. Skluzacek
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“Chronic Kidney Disease or ‘CKD” What Does That Mean?”
Dr. Richey
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“The 1,2, 3’s of Kidney Donation”
Dr. Melton
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Fort Worth Mother Donates Kidney to Her Son…Their Story”
Dr. Melton
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“World Kidney Day” Interview on Daybreak USA
Dr. Richey – 03/13/2013
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“Any Possible Connection between Summer and Kidney Stones?
Dr. Freda Levy – 08/21/2012
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“Getting Ahead of the Curve on Kidney Disease”
Dr. Russell Silverstein – 07/23/2012
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