Patients improve their outcomes with our unique, robust patient education.

At Dallas Nephrology Associates (DNA), we offer many types of patient education programs that help our chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients improve their lives.  In particular, our comprehensive and individualized workshop program, My Kidneys. My Options. My Life.®” was developed to provide one of a kind, unique and complete patient education, in a format not seen in other nephrology practices in the United States.


A patient with a doctor

DNA-educated patients see a number of key benefits.

Patients who are educated through our program experience a number of benefits.  Since the program started in 2015, we have monitored the results of our educational program and the results are impressive.  Patients who attended the “My Kidneys. My Options. My Life.®” workshops experience the following:

  • If dialysis is needed, more patients are better prepared for dialysis and few patients have to start dialysis emergently.
  • Patients have fewer hospital admissions.
  • Many patients experience a delay in needing to start dialysis or may avoid dialysis.
  • Patients save money as the overall cost for patient is lower.
  • Patients are presented with more options for treatment.
  • Stress is reduced for patients and their families.
  • Patients are more satisfied with their healthcare experience and feel healthier and happier.

What makes patient education at Dallas Nephrology Associates different?

Dallas Nephrology Associates has always been a leader in patient education with physicians and staff clearly committed to improving the lives of patients through education.  Our programs were developed using learning and teaching principles that allow patients to fully understand the session topic.  We have noted that as patients understand, they then begin to take action to make better choices and to improve their health.  With over 50 years as pioneers in kidney care in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we are proud to be leaders in patient education that gives patients proven results.

A key focus for all our patient education efforts is choice. We make sure patients and their loved ones understand their options and know what to expect. 

Individualization is key to effective patient education.

A key component in our programs is providing individual attention during the educational session.  Whether our patients attend a basic group class or a “My Kidneys. My Options. My Life.®” workshop, the educational session provides both general then specific information. The one-on-one component allows the educator to connect with each patients’ unique goals, desires and needs.

Group and individual classes designed to make the most of your kidney care.

With kidney disease, knowledge and understanding are directly related to a patients’ outcomes.  DNA’s doctors and other kidney care professionals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have, over the years, created the following carefully designed, comprehensive program exclusively to give you or your loved one the most effective care and the best possible patient experience.

Group Class:
CKD and MeLiving with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Free for people with any stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD), this class teaches the basics of kidneys and kidney disease.  In these classes, you will learn all about how the kidneys work and what happens when the kidneys are damaged.  You’ll also get a brief overview of transplantation, dialysis, and conservative treatment.  Classes include take-home educational materials. Although these classes are free, you must reserve your spot.

See your DNA healthcare provider about availability. Classes are also available in Spanish at select clinics.

Individual Workshops:
“My Kidneys. My Options. My Life.®
Learning to Live Well With Chronic Kidney Disease.

Workshops 1-6 are designed for DNA patients with stage 4 CKD to address a variety of topics.  Workshop 7 is designed for patients who have been transplanted and may be experiencing transplant failure.  Each workshop includes a short video, a discussion with a physician educator and take-home educational materials.  Talk with your DNA physician about which of these sessions are right for you given your needs.

  • Workshop 1:  Learning About CKD and Ways to Delay or Halt the Progression of CKD
  • Workshop 2:  Learning Ways to Prevent or Manage the Complications of CKD
  • Workshop 3:  Learning About My Options – Transplantation
  • Workshop 4:  Learning About My Options – Dialysis
  • Workshop 5:  Learning About My Options – Informed Decisions, Advance Directives, and Active Medical Management Without Dialysis
  • Workshop 6:  Living My Life—Learning to Live Well with CKD
  • Workshop 7:  Learning About My Options If My Transplant Fails


    Downloadable Patient Empowerment Forms

    The more you know about CKD, the more empowered you’ll be to make smart choices and take steps to manage your health. To help you achieve better health, we created some handy tools to educate you about CKD and your health. These tools also make it easier to plan during every stage of CKD. Our Empowerment Forms are downloadable and printable and are available in both English and Spanish.

    For more information about our robust, effective and individualized patient education, call Dallas Nephrology Associates at 214.358.2300 or contact us via our convenient online form.