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Chronic Kidney Disease

Know the risks, symptoms and what to do for chronic kidney disease.

The kidneys can be damaged by diabetes, high blood pressure, or inflammation in their filtering anatomy, and symptoms may not appear until the damage is already done. So, what is it? What are its stages? What are its types and contributing factors? What can be done? Get the answers and today’s most advanced care from one of the largest nephrology teams in the nation.

Dallas / Fort Worth’s Largest Team of Kidney

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Kidney Stones, treatment in Dallas/Fort Worth

Kidney Stones: Get the care you need to avoid pain & reduce risk.

Kidney stones occur when the waste being filtered builds up in the kidneys, and the pain they cause is usually excruciating. They can also cause bleeding, infection, and obstruction of the urinary tract, and they could be signaling other health problems. Our experienced, highly skilled specialists evaluate kidney stone activity, monitor for related problems, and provide the care to prevent future stone formation.

5 stars

The level of consideration is the highest, and their attention to detail (and my well-being) is absolutely at the top. I recommend this practice wholeheartedly.*

– Leon M.

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Kidney Dialysis

Dialysis expertise in Dallas from the forefront of the field.

At Dallas Nephrology Associates (DNA), we provide the leading-edge dialysis knowledge and support care you depend on. Some of our doctors are pioneers in modern dialysis, and today we handle a large percentage of all dialysis patients in Texas. DNA physicians are medical directors and provide individualized care to kidney patients at more than 65 dialysis units in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Vascular Access Management

State-of-the-art procedures to support dialysis access.

Dialysis takes place through a vascular access port, where a variety of problems can develop. At our Vascular Access Centers, our interventional nephrologists and interventional radiologists perform a full range of outpatient procedures to intervene early, reduce major complications and minimize hospitalization related to vascular access.

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Dallas Kidney Transplants

Ensure transplant success with top-quality care, testing and monitoring.

For end-stage renal disease, kidney transplants can offer a better quality of life and lower risk of death than dialysis. Of course, there is a lot involved. At Dallas Transplant Institute, our doctors provide the highest standard of care, monitoring and guidance on your path to successful kidney transplantation.

5 stars

They are great doctors. I would not use anyone else.*

– Danny K.

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About Us

Dedicated to kidney care excellence for over 50 years.

The first large team of kidney specialists in Dallas and one of the largest nephrology practices in the United States, Dallas Nephrology Associates offers the most complete and advanced renal care available today. We offer the full range and continuum of services, are involved with all major health systems in Dallas-Fort Worth, and have advanced kidney care to the high level of what it is today. Most importantly, we are on a mission to make nephrology ever-more effective and are on the forefront of new treatment options.  We make it our priority to treat everyone with compassion, respect and commitment to their individual needs.

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Insurance and Billing

Helping you understand costs, coverage and financial options.

Dallas Nephrology Associates accepts most insurance plans and verifies your coverage when you schedule your first appointment. We accept checks, cash and all major credit cards. We do all we can to help you understand the financial aspects of your care, and we have bilingual financial counselors.

hand holding a smart phoneNephrology Newsroom

Important news from the Nephrology beat.

Stay current with what is going on in the world of kidney disorders, kidney disease and a wide range of related topics. Read articles written by Dallas Nephrology doctors, industry professionals and guest specialists to get and stay informed.

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Get the answers, tools and info you need.

As part of our commitment to your best care and outcomes, we make it easy to get what you need to:

  • Understand your care and all options
  • Download and complete your patient forms
  • Get answers to the most common questions
  • Know what to do to live your best life with kidney problems

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