Dr. Hays Named TXACP Advocate of the Year

Dallas Nephrology Associates is proud to announce that Steven R. Hays, MD, FACP, is the recipient of the TXACP Services Snyder/Chumley Advocate of the Year award.

Dr. Hays was presented the award in a virtual reception on Friday, April 30. TXACP is the advocacy arm of the Texas Chapter of the American College of Physicians. 

“I am honored to be the Snyder-Chumley Award recipient,” says Dr. Hays. “I hope this award reflects my efforts to be an advocate for patients, physicians and medical education. I believe I follow in a long line of numerous DNA physicians, from the President downward, who have dedicated their spare time for all types of medical advocacy work.”

Named in honor of the first recipients, Ned Snyder III, MD, FACP, and Delbert L. Chumley, MD, 

FACP, the awardee must be a registered Key Contact who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the areas of legislative advocacy and grassroots activism.

Additionally, the recipient of the Advocate of the Year award has consistently communicated concerns on behalf of TXACP Services to elected officials on issues and unfailingly responded to legislative alerts, as well as served as a community spokesperson on behalf of internal medicine and patients.

This awardee has expanded the Chapter’s advocacy program, recruited new and actively participated in Leadership Day visits and/or other meetings with legislators and staff.

Dr. Hays gives his time to the medical community in many ways. He serves as a vice councilor on TMA’s Board of Councilors, TMA’s ethical decision-making body. 

He also serves as an alternate delegate to the Texas Delegation to the American Medical Association and is a past chair of TMA’s Council on Medical Education. He chairs the Dallas County Medical Society’s Legislative Committee.

Dr. Hays has been practicing for 36 years. He received his medical degree at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.