DNA Doctors Perform 100th EndoAVF Procedure

The new, minimally invasive approach to fistulas has changed the way doctors prepare their patients for hemodialysis.

DALLAS, Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dallas Nephrology Associates (DNA) physicians successfully completed the 100th EndoAVF procedure at the DNA Vascular Center in Plano on January 29, 2020. Led by Interventional Nephrologist Neghae Mawla, M.D., the team at the Vascular Center is one of the first in Texas to successfully create these minimally invasive fistulas.

Fistulas are essential for patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) to receive hemodialysis treatment, which filters wastes and water from the blood the same way healthy kidneys do. Prior to introducing this technique, fistula creation required open surgery in an operating room.

“For years, our dialysis patients have had to undergo surgery in order to have their fistulas created,” said Dr. Mawla. “So not only were they dealing with ESRD, but they also had to undergo an invasive procedure in order to help extend their lives. EndoAVF has really made a difference in the way we treat our patients.”

Innovations in Dialysis Delivery

Two revolutionary systems that were recently approved by the FDA–the Ellipsys® System and the BD WavelinQTM system–changed how dialysis is given to patients. Both systems are delivered through a small puncture and catheter placement, replacing sutures and scars with a simple bandage and dressing, and transforming the operating room experience into a quick outpatient procedure.

The BD WavelinQ procedure is performed by inserting flexible magnetic catheters into an artery and vein. The magnets align and the artery vein connection is made via a burst of radiofrequency energy. The physician can choose between two possible anatomical locations for the endoAVF.

In the Ellipsys system, the connection is made via a single catheter inserted through the vein into the artery, followed by a fusion of the two vessels. The location of this connection is a unique third site, which is different from those created by the BD WavelinQ.

“These two systems let us provide patients with three innovative creation sites,” said Dr. Mawla. “It’s helped us improve outcomes by creating more opportunities for a usable fistula for dialysis.”

DNA currently offers this non-surgical procedure to qualified patients at our Plano Vascular Center at 4401 Tradition Trail, Plano, Texas 75093.

More information about the procedures can be found here: DNA Vascular Center is the First in Texas to Create Non-Surgical Dialysis Fistulas Using Two FDA-Approved Systems

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